Parenting is hard. Getting your child to sleep through the night doesn’t have be.
Whether you have an infant, toddler, or preschooler, allow me to simplify things for you so your family can stop stressing and start sleeping. Naps and night sleep can become no-brainers with my science-backed sleep solutions, all tailored to fit your unique parenting style. Your child isn’t a “bad sleeper”, you just need Val the Sleep Gal.
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Working with Valeria completely changed the dynamic in our household in the best way possible. Our 18mo old son had faced a handful of challenges in sleeping successfully, and all of our previous efforts to sleep train had been unsuccessful. Valeria provided a thorough plan and options for us to choose from, in addition to a general knowledge base about optimal sleep patterns and needs that allow us to respond to our son on a day-to-day basis. With Valeria's coaching, our son slept through the night and extended his naps regularly in less than a week, and has continued to do so even through teething. We're better able to recognize his cues and when to adapt our approach to ensure he's never overtired. Valeria was excellent at encouraging us through a process we were nervous about, and respectful of our boundaries when we weren't comfortable with some methods available. We are better rested as a family and would highly recommend Valeria's services to any family seeking the same!
- Courtney