Hi! I’m Val the Sleep Gal,

but you can call me Val.

I’m a certified child sleep consultant and a truth-telling mama. I’ll never forget those long, sleepless nights trying to breastfeed my son with one arm while attempting to read about infant sleep with the other. I was reading and feeding non-stop, and yet my friend’s babies were sleeping 12 hours straight while mine was still waking up throughout the night and napping for only 20 minutes at a time. It wasn’t long before I became so sleep-deprived I developed postpartum anxiety and depression, and, ironically, insomnia. Things got so bad I was scared to get behind the wheel.

Hiring a child sleep consultant changed my life. I already had the information, but I was unable to make sense of it because I was too exhausted. Having it laid out in front of me in a form of a customized sleep plan, and then having someone support me throughout the sleep training process was, like I said, life changing. That’s when it occurred to me: not only can I do this job, but I can do it better.

Sleep is a science, and science is what my sleep solutions are based on. However, the service and support you’ll receive from me comes from a place of deep empathy. Parents, I have been in your shoes, I feel your struggle, and I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, getting your child to sleep well is quite simple when you work with a professional who can educate, guide, and hold your hand along the way.

Let’s work together (virtually!) to create a custom sleep plan for your infant, toddler, or preschooler that will solve your child’s sleep problems while staying true to your parenting philosophy and lifestyle. I take the time to get to know you in order to tailor my approach to suit YOUR needs because no two children are alike.

Sleep is NOT overrated; it’s a basic need that’s integral to the health and wellbeing of the entire family. Together we can get your child sleeping like a champ while instilling healthy sleep habits they’ll have for the rest of their lives. What’s a better gift than that?

Ready to get started? Browse my services page to learn more about how I can help you. Please contact me for any additional questions. Don’t be shy; I’ve been there. I see you. Now let’s get you some sleep.

Virtual Hugs, Val (Valeria Lease)

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